Welcome from the RingMaster, Andy Bakke...I'm devoted to join together all free MIDI websites on the internet...Join us in my Midi-Ring Yahoo Group if you are a pro musician looking for quality backing tracks...https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/midi-ring/info

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CatSynth, Music, Art, Opinion and more...

Cats, CatSynth, Synthesizers, Music, Art, Opinion, Programmable, cat, daphne, elektron, sushiluv, matrixsynth, korg, moog, roland,

Emusician.com - Sound Programming 101

synth, programming, 101, hardware, sound, set, general, midi, gm, standard, presets, banks, programmable,

PlaySynthesizer.com - Vintage Synthesizers Keyboards

Vintage Synthesizers Keyboards, electronic keyboard players, synthesizers, vintage synthesizers, synths,


Synthesizer, synthesizers, vintage, moog, korg, roland, yamaha, sequential circuits, emu, kawai lexicon, waldorf, synth, retrosound, marko ettlich, retro sound, Vintage, Sounds, Taurus Bass Pedals DX7 DX-7, Sequential Circuits , SCI Prophet 600,

Synthmuseum.com - Your Vintage Synthesizer Resource

Synthmuseum.com, Synthmuseum, Vintage Synthesizer Resource, Vintage Synthesizer,

Synthtopia.com - Devoted to Electronic Music

Synthtopia, electronic music, electronica, pop electronica, dark ambient music, Classic Electronic Music, Electronica Innovators, Techno, Trance, Dance, Symphonic Electronica, Ambient,

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