Welcome from the RingMaster, Andy Bakke...I'm devoted to join together all free MIDI websites on the internet...Join us in my Midi-Ring Yahoo Group if you are a pro musician looking for quality backing tracks...https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/midi-ring/info

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Username: RingMaster Date Joined: August 13, 2013
Email: support@web-ring.info Level: System Administrator

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Andy Bakke

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Anders Bakke is a Pro Ringmaster working with the WebRing.inc for 16 yrs. I maintain 21 Rings and most related to the Accordion or MIDI and MP3.  I was a Pro Entertainer from New York to all the coastline, to Brownville Texas and back!

01/17/2007 I had a massive stroke and am now crippled of the right side. Unable to work a normal job I am "making" WebRings and managing them ...

As a RingMaster I am the person in charge and the owner of a Web-Ring. It is my job finding a Ring for a new member or creating a new ring for a new member. As a RingMaster (just link in the Circus) I've have the bragging right to announce the news for the www.web-ring.info in the social-media ...

A web-ring is a less labor some alternative to sites exchanging text, banner links, and directory links. It is a means of getting more links to your site, to help improve your site ranking in search engines. It also serves as a free advertising...

Now, if anyone that needs a little help designing a HTML page/site and/or needing custom music, video, Flash etc. there is a "tip jar" for donations on most pages that are displaying the "24 Hours" sign; as I can do that on the side...


Andy Bakke, AccordionMan

Sites by RingMaster

  • Statistics CatSynth, Music, Art, Opinion and more...

    CatSynth, cats, synthesizers, music, art, opinion ... and more!

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics Emusician.com - Sound Programming 101

    In this article, I'll take an operational approach to synthesizer programming by exploring the quickest route to customizing factory presets. Our starting point will be the General MIDI (GM) sound set, which contains 128 sounds covering all of the basic categories. Most synths and many samplers contain a bank conforming to the GM standard. ..

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics Midi (MANAGER) World

    Sites are submitted by their owners and approved by a real webring manager. Start enjoying all that Midi World offers! I' played the CatSynth (Mister Kitty), Casio CZ-101, ElkaVox (D, E, H,) KORG EX-800, KORG PSS-50, Solton (MS-4, MS-40,), KETRON X4, Yamaha QY100, Yamaha PSR 220 and build by own MIDI Accordion call "Augustina/AccordionVox !!!

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics PlaySynthesizer.com - Vintage Synthesizers Keyboards

    Play Synthesizer.com is a site that I created especially for electronic keyboard players. This site will focus on synthesizers in action...real world applications of vintage and current synths. I want to guide you to resources that will allow you to actually improve your synthesizer playing. My sincere hope is that you will come away from this site having learned something. ..

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics RetroSound.de

    RetroSound was created in 1998 as a sound-design project and developed several sound-sets for synthesizers (Clavia, Oberheim, Yamaha). Today RetroSound reveals the secrets of electronic music of the 1970s and 80s featuring the legendary sound of vintage synthesizers and drum machines of that time. With these instruments music history was made! RetroSound wants these legendary sound machines not to be forgotten and their legacy upheld!

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics Synthmuseum.com - Your Vintage Synthesizer Resource

    Far from complete, Synthmuseum is a work in progress. We are continually building the museum, adding manufacture and instrument information monthly...

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics Synthtopia.com - Devoted to Electronic Music

    Synthtopia covers all types of electronic music, serious, popular, even seriously popular. There's a lot of great electronic music coming from all types of composers and musicians. You'll find that we include hardcore electronica along with pop electronica, and dark ambient music along with chillout. By mixing it up, we hope that most electronic music fans will find something they like, and also find out about some music that they may not know anything about. ...

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics SynthZone.com

    Synth Zone is your one-stop midi and synthesizer resource directory. Coverage for all type of synthesizers & midi controllers , plus all relevant music software & support products. ...

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics The Ultimate Arp Odyssey Information Resource Page

    The ultimate information resource about the ARP Odyssey synthesizer. Features include history, schematics, manuals, arp, odyssey, history, schematic, manual, repair, patches, parts, modifications, technicians, sales!

    Active since: March 30, 2012
  • Statistics Welcome to the Vintage Synth Explorer

    Since 1996, the Vintage Synth Explorer has been providing a fast and easy way to learn about vintage synthesizers. We have grown to include modern digital synthesizers, analog emulators, soft-synths, plug-ins, and other forms of electronic musical instruments. Here you will find detailed descriptions and reviews, pictures, audio samples, technical specifications, lists of famous users, useful links and more! ...

    Active since: March 30, 2012

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